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Studio Marler is the highly sought after, San Francisco based, custom cabinetry design firm, working with award winning leaders of interiors and the pre-eminent green building innovators. As a company, Studio Marler’s mission is to create an environment that is healthy and conscious of the world in which we live. By using resources responsibly, while continually incorporating the latest advancements in sustainability, Studio Marler creates a top quality, environmentally friendly product of exceptional design.


Studio Marler’s commitment to exquisite green cabinetry while remaining cost sensitive is reflected in their three distinct lines. The Studio M line is a groundbreaking, entry level, modern line designed with textured laminates. Studio Classic, their semi-custom line offers a full range of stains, doors style and wood choices. While The Wm. B. Studio provides designers and design savvy customers a wide range of custom stains, woods, exotic veneers, and their exceptional hand rubbed oil based finishes.


The Hi’ilani EcoHouse kitchen presented unique design challenges. Centrally located in the massive “great room”, with its 16 ft. high ceilings and commanding view of the Pacific, this kitchen is the activity hub for the house and the entire 12-acre farm. As in the Hawaiian tradition of “ohana”, this multi-generational resident provides workers and visitors a center point to mingle and dine.


Studio Marler principle designer Lisa Baird, juxtaposed a unique floating center island with dark cabinetry to both ground the kitchen design and relate the interior to the magnificence of the environment shown through the homes large windows. Her use of hand rub oil based finish complete the elegance of her design, enhancing the nature wood quality.


Lisa’s novel design and sustainable materials contribute to attaining the Hi`ilani EcoHouse’s slated LEED Platinum certification.


Green components focus on:


  • The Substrate built from a variety of sustainable design particleboard (SDP) panels, utilizing one of the world’s lowest emitting binding systems with no urea formaldehyde.
  • The Color and Finish This is the area that can produce the highest level of toxic emissions and can create indoor air quality issues. Studio Marler’s color are created using an ultraviolet process that almost eliminates these "smells" and a water-based solvent finish that is as strong as a conversion varnish which has the same baked-on finish.
  • The Exterior Wood using FSC Certified Lumber or reconstituted veneers.