The Hiʻilani Ecohouse breathes, and responds to nature like a living organism.

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Hi'ilani Ecohouse

“Eco Air-Conditioning” is an innovation in bio-mimicry, achieved by integrating SCIP technology, butterfly roofs, computer controlled Breezway Altair™ Louvre Windows, and efficient “Altus” ceiling fans from The Modern Fan Company.


A rooftop weather station is linked by a computer to strategically located venting louvers, which open on cool nights to cool the concrete ceilings. The next day’s sun may warm the roof, yet the thermal protection of the SCIP panels allows the indoor ceiling to retain the previous night’s cool temperature, acting as a “thermal battery” to keep the interior spaces comfortable. Innovative additives increase the concrete’s temperature holding capacity. Fans distribute the resulting cool air throughout the living spaces.


The butterfly roofs are oriented so that the flow of the prevailing trade winds creates negative air pressure beneath the roofs’ edges. This application of the Bernoulli Principle draws large quantities of air through the building to provide naturally powered ventilation.